maandag 26 oktober 2009

Halleys Comet, observed in April 1986 from Kruger National Park, South Africa

From the Kruger National Park, South Africa on the 4th April 1986 approximately 24:00hrs I've seen Halley's comet thru a simple wild-life binocular, placed on a tripod. It was like this image with the tail slanting up. A few days later he disappeared from the southern hemisphere for a period of almost 76 years.

Key facts, Orbits, Calander of events Halley's Comet:

It's very unusable for an object in the solar system, that Halley's orbit is retrograde; its orbits the sun in the opposite directions the planets, or clockwise from above the sun's north pole.

Reproduced without acknowledgement from "Halley's Comet", A daily guide for Southern Africa by Peter Mack and Sven Sperbund. Copyright Cederberg Absorvatory.

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